Need Prescription Glasses? 3 Thing To Know


If your vision isn't perfect and you require either prescription glasses or contacts, you are not alone. In fact, the amount of Americans requiring corrective lenses outnumbers those who don't. A little over 6 in 10 Americans rely on either prescription eyeglasses or contacts to correct their vision. While contacts are often the corrective lens of choice for active people, glasses are also a common option. Eyeglasses are a great way to make a fashion statement and many enjoy the way that they look and feel.

17 November 2018

Going On Vacation? You Need These If You're Also Bringing Books


Who doesn't relish the thought of relaxing poolside with a book and a refreshing drink? OK, maybe a few odd people, but not you -- you know that your vacation is prime reading time. And if you're traveling, you need to be sure your reading glasses stay safe and are suitable for wherever you're going. Separate Hard Cases Yes, you want to reduce the amount of stuff you have to haul with you when you travel, but please do not reduce the number of hard cases you have for your glasses.

23 April 2018

Three Eye Care Tips You Should Be Following


Protecting the health of your eyes will be essential if you are to minimize the risk of your eyesight failing as you age. For those that have rarely given the health of their eyes much thought, it can be easy to underestimate the ease with which one can ensure that their eyes stay as healthy as possible. Manage Diabetes Symptoms It is an unfortunate reality that there are many patients that suffer from diabetes.

4 January 2018

Glaucoma Treatment


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. The problem is that eyes change so slowly that it can be hard to notice that you are starting to have glaucoma. This is why it is so important to go to the opthamologist at least once a year, or if you ever feel eye pressure, pain, or notice your vision changing. There are an estimated 3 million Americans that have glaucoma, and many of these individuals do not realize they have the disease.

26 September 2017

Don't Give Up Your Swagger Because You Need Glasses: The Best Eye Wear For Men


Choosing the right pair of eye wear can be challenging, but there are some styles and frames that look good on any man.   Some great looks for men who wear glasses include: Rectangular frames. Rectangular frames are very stylish and look great on most facial shapes and faces. These are widely found in plastic frames, and they make an excellent choice when shopping for prescription sunglasses, too. Consider a tortoise rectangular-shaped frame with a light-yellow tint for a very metropolitan and contemporary look.

22 June 2017

What's My Line? The Difference Between Bifocals And Progressive Lenses


If you have a problem with seeing both near and far, your optometrist at your local eye surgery center may prescribe you bifocals. Bifocal lenses have two different focus points, one for distance, one for close up. Generally, the focal points are separated by a visible line. However, not everyone wants to see a line in their glasses. There are options available to those who don't want to see a line.

17 May 2017

Understanding Night Blindness And Its Treatments


If you've ever walked into a dark room after being outside in bright sunlight, you've probably experienced brief night blindness. Night blindness is that period of time that it takes for your retina to adjust to the change in light from brightness to darkness, and it's usually just a passing problem. However, if you've found that your eyes don't adapt to darkness as quickly as most or if they don't adapt well at all, you may suffer from prolonged night blindness.

3 May 2017

Eyecare Tips You Should Be Following


Eye health is something that people will frequently overlook, and this can lead to a loss in quality of life. When individuals make these oversights, it can lead to profound problems, as there are numerous complications that can develop. If you are serious about maintaining your vision, there are some simple steps that you should be taking to prevent damage and other eye issues. Always Attend Your Yearly Eye Exam

21 April 2017