Don't Give Up Your Swagger Because You Need Glasses: The Best Eye Wear For Men


Choosing the right pair of eye wear can be challenging, but there are some styles and frames that look good on any man.  

Some great looks for men who wear glasses include:

Rectangular frames. Rectangular frames are very stylish and look great on most facial shapes and faces. These are widely found in plastic frames, and they make an excellent choice when shopping for prescription sunglasses, too. Consider a tortoise rectangular-shaped frame with a light-yellow tint for a very metropolitan and contemporary look.

Round frames. Smaller round frames look great on any guy, giving him a smart, mature look. Choose solid color frames, such as black or red, and go with a size that stays within the border of your brow line; that is, choose round frames that are small enough so that your eyebrows are outside of the frame of your glasses.

Aviators. Aviators are a classic style that look great on anyone. Choose cool marbled Aviators or go with metallic and a light tint. These tend to be heavier frames, so if you have a super-small nose, you might notice that Aviators slide down a lot, especially when you are active or perspiring.

Wire-rimmed glasses. If you wear glasses to read, invest in some small wire-rimmed frames to keep in your breast pocket or to tuck in the glove box. These are flexible and durable frames, as long as you go with the full rim style and not the two-thirds that show off the bottom edge of the glass lens. Go with something different, like gunmetal or black chrome, for a stylish update on a classic favorite style in eye wear. 

Tinted lenses. A light tint is great for keeping lights from reflecting and interfering with your vision. A very mellow yellow or subdued blue can also prevent headaches and be quite soothing to wear indoors or out. Go with darker, gradient (gradually light to dark) lenses for your prescription sunglasses, and take advantage of sales or seasons by keeping an extra pair of prescription sunglasses in your automobile's glove box. 

Who says a man isn't sexy when he wears glasses? The right pair of eyeglasses can make a man appear worldly, mature, and wise. Hang on to that swagger with the right pair of glasses, and use these tips when visiting your optometrist to be fitted for new glasses. Check with a place like Olympia Eye Clinic, Inc., P.S. for more information.


22 June 2017

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