Need Prescription Glasses? 3 Thing To Know


If your vision isn't perfect and you require either prescription glasses or contacts, you are not alone. In fact, the amount of Americans requiring corrective lenses outnumbers those who don't. A little over 6 in 10 Americans rely on either prescription eyeglasses or contacts to correct their vision. While contacts are often the corrective lens of choice for active people, glasses are also a common option. Eyeglasses are a great way to make a fashion statement and many enjoy the way that they look and feel.

17 November 2018

Going On Vacation? You Need These If You're Also Bringing Books


Who doesn't relish the thought of relaxing poolside with a book and a refreshing drink? OK, maybe a few odd people, but not you -- you know that your vacation is prime reading time. And if you're traveling, you need to be sure your reading glasses stay safe and are suitable for wherever you're going. Separate Hard Cases Yes, you want to reduce the amount of stuff you have to haul with you when you travel, but please do not reduce the number of hard cases you have for your glasses.

23 April 2018

Three Eye Care Tips You Should Be Following


Protecting the health of your eyes will be essential if you are to minimize the risk of your eyesight failing as you age. For those that have rarely given the health of their eyes much thought, it can be easy to underestimate the ease with which one can ensure that their eyes stay as healthy as possible. Manage Diabetes Symptoms It is an unfortunate reality that there are many patients that suffer from diabetes.

4 January 2018