Going On Vacation? You Need These If You're Also Bringing Books


Who doesn't relish the thought of relaxing poolside with a book and a refreshing drink? OK, maybe a few odd people, but not you -- you know that your vacation is prime reading time. And if you're traveling, you need to be sure your reading glasses stay safe and are suitable for wherever you're going.

Separate Hard Cases

Yes, you want to reduce the amount of stuff you have to haul with you when you travel, but please do not reduce the number of hard cases you have for your glasses. It's a fairly common tactic for many who wear glasses to keep one pair out to wear and then keep an extra pair in a case, thinking there won't be a need to store the first pair away at the same time as the second. And that invariably leads to times when the wearer has to stuff a pair of glasses into his or her shirt pocket or bag and hope they don't get scratched. Bring a case for each pair of glasses, even the ones you wear frequently and never seem to put away.

And if you're traveling in a way that separates you from some of your luggage, like on a plane with checked baggage, label the cases with your name and phone number or email address, just in case something happens to the bag and it opens up.

Reading Sunglasses

If you're going somewhere sunny, don't think you have to spend all your reading time indoors. You can lounge out on a patio in warmth (welcome after a weirdly cold spring in much of the country) if you have reading glasses with sunglass lenses. These can cut down on glare as well as UV rays, though regular reading glasses should have UV protection, too. The sunglasses are also available in more styles than just those tiny ones you find in supermarkets and drug stores.

By the way, you'll need sunglass-style reading glasses even if you head up into still-snowy mountains or go to a cool lake. Sunlight and UV rays can bounce off water and snow, creating very bright conditions that can harm your eyes more quickly.

If you keep your reading glasses in good condition during your trip, you'll have more opportunities to read and catch up on all those books you've been looking at during the year. Keep your eyes safe and your sight clear, and vacation time is going to be a lot more fun.


23 April 2018

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