Appreciate Your Eye Doctor? 3 Ways To Thank Them


Eye doctors spend years in school studying vision problems, eye disease, treatments, and methods for vision correction. To create spaces where patients can feel at ease and comfortable, many eye doctors invest thousands of dollars into nice offices, state-of-the-art equipment, and patient amenities like padded chairs and music systems. While eye doctors offer a critical skill, some patients don't appreciate it. Here are three ways to show your physician how much you appreciate their efforts. 

1. Return For Routine Vision Exams

All too often, people who have vision concerns overlook problems for months, if not years, which can spell permanent trouble with their eyesight. When patients don't seek routine eye exams, it can also reduce revenues for eye clinics, which could make it difficult for physicians to continue to employ a full staff. 

Since eye exams are simple, painless, and typically covered by health or vision insurance companies, schedule an eye exam every year. Think about making your appointments during the same month every year so you don't forget and even scheduling the next one a year in advance so your doctor knows you care about patronizing their business. 

2. Write a Note or Send an Email

When your eye doctor catches a problem with your vision, resolves a longstanding comfort issue, or prescribes the most comfortable pair of contact lenses you've ever worn, let them know by writing them a quick email or handwritten note. 

You don't have to be longwinded or overly emotional when you write your note, and often, a simple "thank you" with a description of the service you received is sufficient. 

3. Leave Great Online Reviews

You know how great your eye doctor is, but does the rest of the world? People are always looking for new medical specialists when they move to a new place, so spread the word about the excellent service you received by leaving online reviews on different online platforms. In your review, mention what you visited the doctor for, how the office was different, and how you felt in the physician's care. 

While thanking your eye doctor for their hard work or leaving a few online reviews may seem like a small thing, your efforts could be the catalyst that brightens your doctor's day, encourages them to continue providing excellent service, or encourages a new patient to seek help for their own vision problems. You may never know how your efforts are received, but by spreading positivity, you can make the world a happier place. 


8 September 2020

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