Eyecare Tips You Should Be Following


Eye health is something that people will frequently overlook, and this can lead to a loss in quality of life. When individuals make these oversights, it can lead to profound problems, as there are numerous complications that can develop. If you are serious about maintaining your vision, there are some simple steps that you should be taking to prevent damage and other eye issues.

Always Attend Your Yearly Eye Exam

There are few things that are more important for protecting your vision than undergoing a yearly eye exam. In addition to being able to determine whether you need corrective lenses or require an updated prescription, these exams will also allow the doctor to discover issues with your eyes that may be just starting to develop. Early diagnosis can be the key to limiting the damage and ensuring that you make a full recovery.

Invest In Safety Goggles

There are a number of routine activities that can actually pose a significant risk to your eyes. In particular, tasks where debris may become airborne can put your eye at risk of suffering damage. These activities may include such simple things as mowing the lawn, using spray paint, or working in the garden. If this debris strikes your eye, it could cause substantial damage to the delicate tissue, which could lead to severe pain and the potential for blindness. You will be able to avoid these issues by always wearing safety goggles when you are doing these tasks. While some individuals may assume that their glasses will be sufficient protection, this is not the case, as the glasses are not designed to withstand direct impacts from debris, and there may be gaps around the edges that could allow debris to reach your eyes.

Keep Eyeglass Repair Kits In Your Car, Office And Home

Eyeglasses are an extremely common solution for addressing vision problems. While a high-quality pair of glasses can be extremely durable, there are some mechanical issues that they can encounter. In particular, there are small screws that hold the legs and nose pads to the frame. If these screws come loose, your glasses will not fit correctly. By keeping a repair kit in your car, office and house, you will be able to quickly and easily use one of these kits to tighten these screws. For those with frames that have nose pads, it may also be wise to keep a couple of spare nose pads in these kits. Without these pads, your glasses may start to cut into the skin on your nose. Unfortunately, different nose pads can fit slightly differently, which may make it wise to keep two nose pads in each kit, as you may need to replace both to ensure your glasses fit comfortably.

For additional advice, contact an optometrist at an eye care center like All About Eyes.


21 April 2017

Choosing Great Contact Lenses

I have always been someone who loves to be active, which is why learning that I had serious vision problems was difficult for me. I was nervous about being able to get out and do things with my friends without worrying about my vision, which is why I started spending time looking for great contact lenses. I wanted to find lenses that were just as comfortable as they were easy to clean, and I was able to find a brand that fit my criteria. They were easy to wear, durable, and incredibly inexpensive. This blog is all about choosing incredible contact lenses that you will love forever.